Colorado Years

December 1, 1968

On and off in Aspen

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First Zen meeting

September 20, 1978

Went to Shobo-ji for the first time. It was the 10th anniversary

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August 1, 1979

Years in Hoboken and The Beat’n Path

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First Sensing Study Group

February 1, 1984

Went to Green Gulch for the first time for 4 months. First month as a zen work/study then three months with Charlotte

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Mexico – Met Ken

January 12, 1988

Two Kessei at DBZ

January 1, 1989

Spent the year at DBZ as Tenzo

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To San Francisco

January 1, 1990

Ken and I drive out to San Francisco. We stayed at Charlotte’s for a month in Muir Beach then found an apartment on California St.

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Publish Taste of Heaven

April 12, 1993

First book published. Living in SF

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Published A World in Bowl of Tea

April 12, 1997

Moved to Tivoli

December 12, 1999

Moved to Tivoli

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