A spritz party

The Tivoli Garden Tour came to visit my garden and tea house. Instead of making everyone tea I hosted a Veneziano Spritz “ceremony”.

Ice bucket, silver tray with wine glasses, Perrier, Aperol and Prosecco. Someone added ice to the glasses, I poured the Prosecco with a good splash of Aperol (made from Orange and Rhubarb) and then a dash of Perrier. Kampai everyone!

DSC00549-smTo describe how I feel about my tea house and garden I read this poem by Wang Wei (699-759)

From my middle years I have been drawn to the Buddha;

Late in life, I built a cottage at the foot of South Mountain.

When the feeling comes, I walk there alone;

Wonderousness vainly known to me alone.

Walking I reach where the waters well forth;

Sitting, I watch the moment clouds arise.

I chance to meet an old woodcutter,

And our words and laughter know no hour of return.